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Creation Of The World (Response To The Greek Version)

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In the beginning there was Nothing. Nothing was blind, Nothing was deaf, and Nothing was mute. Suddenly with no warning a huge, fiery crack appeared in Nothing and Nothing was broken. Sound came racing out, like a banshee shriek, as loud as a blasting cannon. Light came bounding out next, huge, fiery, and blindingly white. Light and Sound became huge and filled the space around them. So strong was their joy of their freedom, that they grabbed each other’s arms and began an excruciating dance. Their arms and their legs flailed about in a wild fashion, and blood dripped from their brows. Loud crashes and booms rang all about them, a white fire engulfed them, and still they danced. Sparks began ...view middle of the document...

Another beautiful face appeared, although with skin a golden bronze. She was shorter than the first daughter and full of roundness and curves, her cheeks were round and full as was her bust and hips. She seemed to glow; she aligned herself beside her sister and also knelt before her parents. Sound and Light exclaimed sounds of joy and enveloped her also. Something else began to form, this time a man, who was magnificent and handsome. He was the color of sun, his eyes were like warm chocolate and he had long golden curls, and when he smiled such rich light poured from his mouth, and he radiated heat. He too knelt with the sisters. Others knelt too, a second brother, whose was dark as night, with raven hair, and velvet skin, his eyes were intelligent and clever, he was smaller than the first three, just as beautiful, and very still and quiet, the depth of night contained within him. Two figures stood next, strong and beautiful, skin the palest blue; they carried smiles full of laughter, their skin looked hardened, like stone, and they were as graceful as the first child. They were male and female and looked very much alike. They were the tallest of the children. The next child was the smallest, with skin the color of leaves. She was slender and petite, although very strong. She carried a joy within her which bubbled through with her small, wild movements. Her laughter was sweeter than a child’s and stronger than an adult’s and she was also extremely beautiful. The last child was a son, wild and untamed, he was small also, but he could lift a mountain if his mood beckoned him to do so. He was brown and covered in wild hair. His hair fell from the crown of his head and raced over his body like a forest, covering his legs, chest, and arms, his face was the only untouched place. He looked ferocious and frightening, but his heart was made of loyalty and courage, and he was the most trust worthy of all the children, he too contained beauty although untamed beauty.

Sound and Light were at a loss of words seeing their children kneeling before them. Their faces so beautiful and strong, and minds so intelligent; Sound and Light clung to each other and wept tears of happiness. The children rose and joined hands and began to dance, such as their parents did before them. They spun round and round, kicking and sailing to and fro. Their minds free and bodies bound to the rhythmic beating of their feet. Colors weaving intricate patterns before the mother and father; wild and chaotic, so tragically beautifully they danced. With the heel of a foot dust began to swirl. The dust moved within the rhythm and magic of the dance and began to form strange and mysterious forms.

The forms began to clash violently against one another and a clanging thunder rang out, the children still danced, oblivious to the chaos. The forms stretched the space around them as they became more restless. As the dancing continued huge chunks of dust raced through and around the dance....

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