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Creating A Methodology Essay

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According to the PMBOK guide, “An organization’s culture and style affect how it conducts projects. Cultures and styles are group phenomena known as cultural norms, which develop over time. The norms include established approaches to initiating and planning projects, the means considered acceptable for getting the work done, and recognized authorities who make or influence decisions.” Kerzner states, “Achieving project management excellence, or maturity, is more likely with a repetitive process that can be used on each and every project. This repetitive process is referred to as the project management methodology.” Claudiu-Marian describes many of the factors that influence the success of modern companies. Of the ...view middle of the document...

They created a PMO with out providing tools and authority for the new venture to succeed.
Using the Handbook of Project Management and PMBOK as a guide, I would inform the company president and senior executives that the Program Management Office should report directly to the same entity as the other executives and not to the CIO. For the PMO to effectively operate it must act in a stand-alone capacity that is integrated into every functional level within the company. PMO’s can be structured differently within an organization. In this case, I would recommend that the PMO be structured to act in a supportive capacity and serve as a project repository. It would be constructed to provide consultations to project managers by supplying templates, best practices, training, access to information and lessons learned from other projects. The degree of control provided by this PMO would be low resulting in less tension from other executives.

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