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Creating A Fashion Brand Essay

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Creating the Fashion brand

Figure 1 Alexander McQueen SS 2010, Source: Google Images

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1. Introduction……………………………………………………………………page 3
2. The Product, the target consumers and the brand personality……………… 4
3. Description of the Value Chain……………………………………………… 6
4. The role of ICT……………………………………………………………… 7
5. Overview of the Buyer and the Merchandiser functions………………………page 7
6. The Concept of the carrier bag model……………………………………… 7
7.The roles of the Buyer and the Merchandiser trough the concept of the carrier bag model………………………………………………………………………… 8
8. An example of a ...view middle of the document...

Along with the technology, consumers are driving the change and expectations are higher than they’ve ever been.
Through an understanding of psychology, sociology, economics, technology and creativity, a fashion brand will face success and popularity. But for that to happen, the company still needs to make astute decisions and follow important steps dictated by the very demanding market.
This essay will trace the stages that a fashion brand needs to achieve in order to secure its place in the very wide fashion industry. Important functions such as the buyer’s and the merchandiser’s roles will be described and analysed through the entire process of creating a brand. The corporate social responsibility of a company and its impact on the buyer and the merchandiser functions will also be discussed in this report. To conclude, we will take a look at the ICT function, which represents a key role into this process, helping a business achieve success by avoiding misunderstanding and miscommunication.

Indeed, specific ingredients such as a finished product or services offer supplied in line with a trend-focussed demand, an appropriate price along with good quality fabrics, a defined distribution channel and a presupposed profit are such back office functions that need to be clear from the starting point to ensure the business delivers a competitive advantage.

But this whole process starts with a good product. In fact, the product is the base and it is very important to know its quality and its capacity in order for it to stand out in a very complex market. By knowing what the product is about and what it can offer, a company will be able to evaluate and analyse for whom the product will be suitable, what kind of market share it will fulfill and which audience may be sensitive to the criteria of the offered product. In other words, a brand will be able to define its correct target consumers.
With all that in mind, the brand personality, which is the core personality and the characteristics of a brand, will then be much easier to evaluate. In fact, these three ingredients, the product, the target consumer and the brand personality, need to fit into the same category by being persuaded in a similar way from their audience.

Figure 2 A brand Personality Framework, Source: Google Images

For example H&M has a clear and defined brand personality that stays linked to its product and its target customers. H&M offer a range of good quality but cheap basic clothes. It is therefore noticeable that they tried to fill a gap in the core product market and not surprisingly their target customers are people wanting access to comfortable, classical but good and reasonable basic clothes. As a consequence, the brand had chose to play its strong cards and decided that its brand personality would be a mix of competence and sincerity.

Having a clear brand personality is not only vital for a company as all departments and...

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