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Create An Email Message Essay

490 words - 2 pages

Vialka Gonzalez
Keller Graduate School of Management
MGMT-550-16355 Managerial Communication 
10 May 2014
A response was created to each of the email messages provided. The writing principles learned in the text were used in responding to the business emails.

Response 1

Sender: Vialka Gonzalez, Catering Director

To: Thomas Jans, HR Assistant

Subject: Happy Anniversary


Has it been 5 years already? I am glad to say that everything is going well.

I do have some questions regarding my 401k and benefits.

* Am I vested?
* Am I entitled to additional benefits?
* When do they take effect?

Would you be able to sit down with me on Friday at 11:00 am to discuss these items?

Thank you for the felicitations! ...view middle of the document...

Thank you,

Sender: Vialka Gonzalez, Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center

To: Michael Jones, Quality Foods

Cc: Chef Bill

Subject: Today’s Conference Call


Mike! It is wedding, graduation and fund raising season. I apologize I was not able to attend this morning’s conference call. I trust Bill let you know how busy it has gotten.

Attached you will find a copy of the menu and the items needed. The event will be attended by 250 people, including the staff.

I will also like to schedule a conference call for Monday, May 19 at 11:00 am. The call will cover the upcoming events for the week of May 25.


Response 4

Sender: Vialka Gonzalez, Catering Director

To: Blake Edwards

Subject: Summer Job Opportunity


Thank you for your interest in working at Blue Bay Resort and Conference Center. I have successfully received your resume and am forwarding it to our Human Resource Department. The Human resource department will evaluate your qualifications to see if they match any of our available positions. 

If a suitable position is available, we will invite you to an interview for further consideration. 

If no suitable position is available, we will keep your resume in our files for future reference.

Good luck
Vialka Gonzalez

Response 5

Sender: Vialka Gonzalez, Catering Director

To: Angel Murphy, Kitchen Manager

Subject: Confidential


Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Did she tell you which bellmen it was? We need to hear both sides of the story before we can proceed. Let us have a sit down with each of them separately.

I will drop by the kitchen and we can discuss this further. I’m doing Atkins, so please remember “low carb”.

Speak to you soon

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