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Cpa Detail Essay

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Activity 2_professional competence
* The national Institute of accountants(NIA)
* CPA Australia (CPA)
* The Institute of chartered accountants(ICCAA)
1-The key differences between the three organizations are:
NIA: The National Institute of Accountants (NIA) is a professional organization for accountants recognized for their practical, hands-on skills and a broad understanding of the total business environment. You can learn more about the NIA in our corporate profile. The NIA is a progressive, responsive accounting body committed to integrity professionalism and professional development. It represents more than 22,000 members and students ...view middle of the document...

Chartered Accountants have:
* Highly developed communication and technical skills
* Dedication to completing work to a high standard
* Commitment to self improvement and development
* Ambition to achieve the best for their clients.
The Chartered Accounting qualification equips Chartered Accountants with the perfect blend of learned principles and practical application. On completion, Chartered Accountants are already at an advantage against other accounting qualifications.
As a Chartered Accountant (and as part of the Global Accounting Alliance), Chartered Accountants can work anywhere in the world in whatever industry they choose.
The NIA is committed to being an innovative and flexible, professional accounting body focused on providing global educational pathways for accounting and finance professionals.
Our members hold an internationally recognized professional qualification that is highly regarded by business and the community.
Our membership will continue to grow because we provide exceptional service exceeding members' expectations. We provide our members with leading edge technical tools, information and advocacy.
Through our extensive network of stakeholders, we will continue our endeavors to influence the international direction of accounting and financial services through standard setting and the portability of qualifications.
Final Project Plan
Reflective Journal
Self Appraisal Report (1 page on how you think you went this semester)
The 2 workshop activities

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