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Cover Letter Essay

325 words - 2 pages

The Human Resources Manager,
Kenolkobil Limited,
P.O. BOX 44202 -00100,
Dear Hiring Manager,

Chemical and Process Engineering course is a field of study that has equipped me with a variety of theoretical knowledge and skills necessary for me to work as an effective sales representative. Through my course work I have gathered adequate knowledge on petroleum related products. How to produce, store, ...view middle of the document...

I would gladly welcome the opportunity to be a part of this team that has adequately supported our transport sector over the years.
During my attachment at Bamburi Cement, I worked closely with the sales and marketing team and I formed a part of a team that conducted marketing road trips to various regions in the country. I was able to gather knowledge on how to adequately explain a product to a customer and how to do effective follow up to ensure customer satisfaction.
I am a self motivated individual and this is adequately demonstrated through the activities that I have been involved in especially the Giveback Commitment activities. They positively impacted my immediate community and positive change has been realized through these activities.
I believe given the opportunity to be part of your sales team I will be an asset and I will form a part of a team that will see the company meet its sales targets through adequate sales and marketing skills.
I hope you will consider my application and I very much look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in person about my interest in this position.
Thank you in advance.

Phone no………………

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