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Semester: Fall, Year: 2012 

College Mission Statement
Richard J. Daley College provides high-quality education which leads to academic success, career development, and personal enrichment that fulfill diverse community needs.
Mathematics Department Mission Statement
Our mission is to deliver excellent service and to provide learning opportunities by offering a wide range of mathematics courses, which will help our diverse student population to reach their goals in their path of preference such as baccalaureate transfer, workforce development, adult or continuing education. Our dedicated faculty will guide our students in constructing the necessary elements that ...view middle of the document... |
|Instructor |Name: Dr. Peterson |
| | |
| |Phone: (773) 838-7718 or Math Dept. (773) 838-7634 |
| |Office: Main Building, Room#: 2216 or Math. Dept. |
|Office Hours |Date & Time: Tu, Th 1-4pm; 6:15-7:00pm |
| |Location: Main Building Room#: 2216 or Math Dept |
|Catalog |Intermediate Algebra is designed to lay the foundation for further mathematics and science courses. Covered topics include: |
|Description |Algebraic operations involving rational exponents, including scientific notation; algebraic expressions, including radical |
| |and rational expressions; solutions of quadratic, quadratic in form, rational, radical, and absolute value equations; |
| |solutions of compound linear inequalities; solutions and manipulations of literal expressions; graphical and algebraic |
| |solutions of systems of linear equations in two and three variables; graphical solutions of systems of linear inequalities,|
| |graphs of linear and quadratic equations. Geometry topics: perimeter and area of triangles, rectangles, and circles; volume |
| |of sphere, cylinder and pyramid; Pythagorean Theorem and distance formula; similarity and proportions. Applications of |
| |problem-solving skills are emphasized through the course. Writing assignments, as appropriate to the discipline, are part of|
| |the course. |
|Course Prerequisites |COMPASS Placement Test or grade of “C” or better in Math 98 or equivalent. |
|Course is Expected to |This course is intended for students who lack credit in one year of high school algebra or desire a review of the subject |
|Serve |matter. |
|Course |Successful completion of this course will enable the student to solve problems and present information...

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