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Course Of Chronic Conditions Essay

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Tittle: Course of Chronic Conditions
Claudia Jimenez
University of Louisiana of Lafayette

The Chronic Illness Trajectory Framework can be applied to most clients. A chronic illness may evolve from an acute stage, which then becomes stable by management on a daily basis. There are many aspects that affect the process of the chronic condition. This is why chronic conditions fluctuate through out the client’s life. Although many chronic conditions become manageable, the client can fluctuate between acute stages of emergency to a more stable stage through out the illness.
Diabetes is a slow progressive illness that can be manageable over a period of time. When a client gets newly diagnosed with diabetes, it is often when they have an acute symptom. If diagnosed as a child or adult, indicators of the illness may arise as something minute as weakness, diuresis, and ...view middle of the document...

Some medications have been found to harm the client’s kidneys. With such side effects, the patient is then given anther medication to protect the organ, such as the kidneys, that is affected. There is also an increase for infection with the equipment used to check their blood level sugar.
The choices diabetics make in their daily living affects the course of their illness. Some patients will remain compliant in their illness management. The client will lower risk factors such as, quit smoking, lose weight, or control their diet. If medication is indicated as it is in a client with type 1 diabetes, then they are compliant in taking their medications on a timely basis. Patients whom are compliant with their care in managing their illness will also continuously collaborate with the health care provider regularly.
The non-compliant patient’s daily living activities will gear their illness differently. It may make their chronic illness worse. Such is the case in the client whom continues with risky behavior. Drug addiction, alcohol addiction, smoking or bad eating habits are some of the behaviors that can affect the client’s illness. These patients illness will require more interventions to break the illness from advancing more quickly.
The course of the illness does not always end negatively or in death of the client. Patients can manage their chronic illness alone or with the help of healthcare providers. Clients can be educated on ways to manage their illness. Eliminating risk factors, diet control, medication, or preventing long-term complications can manage diabetes. Using the evidence practices allows the client and healthcare provider to gear the course of the client’s chronic condition to a more positive understanding.

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