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Country Profile On Chile Essay

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Country Profile: Chile

Chile was under Inca rule before the Spanish arrived there in the 16th Century. Chile claimed their independence in 1810 but never had a decisive battle over the Spanish until 1818. Between the years of 1879 and 1883 Chile defeated Peru and Bolivia where it won it’s northern regions in a War of the Pacific. Chile has undergone a series of elected Governments. In 1973 a three year Marxist Government was overthrown in a coup led my Augusto Pinochet. Pinochet led the Country until 1990 when a new freely elected president took over. Chile has had great economic growth since the 1980’s. They had secured a sound Government, economic growth and reduced their ...view middle of the document...

Chile also has International Agreements with Antarctic Environmental Protocol, Antarctic seals, Antarctic Treaty, Climate Change and Climate Change Kyoto Protocol, Hazardous waste, Law of the Sea and Whaling. Chiles population is 16, 601, 707 as of July 2009. 23.2% are 0-14 years, 67.8% are 15-64 years and 9.1% are 65 and older. The median age is 31.4 years with males being 30.4 years and females being 32.4 years. They are 60 overall in world comparison. Chiles population growth is 0.88% making them 138 overall in world comparison. The birth rate is 14.64 for every 1, 000 people and the death rate is 5.84 for every 1, 000 people ranking the 143 and 167 respectively in world comparison. 88% of the pop-ulation live in urban area’s. The Countries life expectancy rate is 77.34 years making it 56 overall in world comparison. The Adult Prevalence rate for HIV/AIDS is 0.3% (2007 est.) There are 31, 000 people living with HIV/AIDS ranking it 72 in world comparison. The death rate due to HIV/AIDS is 1, 100 per year which keeps its rake of 72 in world comparison. 95.4% of the population is white and white Amerindian, 4% are Mapuch and 0.6% are other. Chile is 70% Roman Catholic, 15.1% Evangelist 1.1% Jehovah's Witness and 4.6% other Christian and 8.3% nothing. Chiles literacy rate is 95.7% but the average school rate is 14 years of age. Chiles legal system is based on code 1857 derived from Spanish law but was also influenced by French and Austrian law. In June 2005 Chile completed an overhaul of it’s Criminal Justice System to a US style adversarial system. Chile constitutes 18 years of age as being an adult, as does much of the civilized world. The President is Sebastian Pinna Echengue who is the Chief of State as well as the Leader of the Government. The Cabinet is appointed by the President. The Presidents term is a single four year term elected by the people. The next election in Chile will be in 2013. The legal system has two branches, the Legislative and Judicial. Chiles market oriented economy has a high level of foreign trade, a reputation of strong financial institutions and sound policy that makes it a strong sovereign bond rating in South America. On January 1, 2004 Chile signed a free trade agreement with the United States deepening it’s long standing commitment of trade liberations. Chile is 46 in the world in Gross...

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