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Counter Terrorism Grand Strategy Essay

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1. Explain what policy objectives are usually pursued within a counterterrorism grand strategy? Provide suitable examples to illustrate your answer.
To create an effective counterterrorism grand strategy, states and governments need to identify what the aim of terrorism upon their state is, the terrorist’s goals and ultimately what they aim to achieve with these acts. Without identifying these areas states can’t introduce and effective counterterrorism strategy. This essay will focus on the policy objectives of the Australian government with their counterterrorism strategy, predominantly the changes made over the last decade as a response to new international terrorism threats. This ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand the government needs to be aware, alert and prepared for terrorist attacks otherwise they will have to shoulder the blame for not having the correct policies and procedures in place to stop the attacks. (O'Neill, 2008: pg 471)

The 9/11 terrorist attacks and 2002 Bali bombings initiated a change and review of Australia’s counterterrorism strategies. These attacks initiated a change in Australia’s policies and government departments as terrorism was bought to the forefront of people’s minds. The main strategy here was the creation of the National Counter Terrorism Committee, the main aim of the committee was to create “an effective nationwide counter-terrorism capability” it was to do this by promoting information and intelligence sharing between relevant agencies. (Cabinet, 2004: Chapter 3) Without the co-operation of the different agencies, policing and law Australia’s counter-terrorism strategies would struggle under red-tape, stubbornness and lack of information as this tension and mistrust would stop the grand strategy begin completely successful.

Australia’s counter-terrorism policy has evolved our Domestic legislation quite drastically since 2001, between 2001 and 2006 there was over 30 changes and new legislations passed by the Australian government regarding terrorism. (Security, 2006: pg 1) These new legislations enable law enforcement agencies to legally act and charge people for terrorist actions and even planning attacks. The main changes that the new legislations have bought about include the Anti-terrorism act of 2004 which strengthens the powers of the Australian law enforcement authorities when it comes to acts of terrorism. It also grants ASIO the power to detain a suspect for 7 days without a warrant, and without charge. (Rix, 2006: pg 5)

Australia’s counterterrorism strategy include enforcing these new legislation and policies, whilst not obtaining a severe backlash form the public over the erosion of its civil liberties. These legislations although designed to protect the individual and state from terrorist action can also be seen as draconian as the it effectively denies Australian’s the right to politcally align themselves with any political movements across the globe that may be involved in a violent struggle. This could mean as an Australian can be prosecuted under the new terrorist legislation by supporting a group across the globe that in a few years team won’t be seen as a terrorist group, for example Nelson Mandela could be defined as a terrorist as he violently opoosed the government at the time. (Ricketts, 2002: pgs 141-143)

Counterterrorism grand strategies are put in place to protect states, nations and the people that reside in them, however with the amount of new laws and legislations put in place to achieve these governments have the ability to abuse human rights. Such as legislation that enables ASIO the ability to detain anyone, even those not suspected of a terrorism...

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