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Costco Case Essay

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Like Costco’s CEO, Craig Jelenik’s personality whom I consider, from what I have read, has helped a lot to keep the organization like Sinegal did for many years. I would say that Jelenik falls into three of the Big Five Personality Traits: extraversion (because his biggest move as a CEO is to increase Costco’s international presence, and not every person is willing to build relationships with important people from ...view middle of the document...

Jones and George (2015) have defined terminal values as “A life long goal or objective an individual seeks to achieve” and instrumental values as “A mode of conduct that an individual seeks to follow”. Having defined those two terms, I personally think that for Craig Jelenik having terminal values such as: a sense of accomplishment, equality, freedom, inner harmony, self-respect, social recognition and wisdom; And instrumental values such as: ambitious, broad-minded, capable, cheerful, courageous, helpful, honest, imaginative, logical, polite and self-controlled are very important values for him as a manager in order to lead the whole Costco’s team closer and closer everyday to organizational success.

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