Correlates To Career Preference Of Graduating Students Of Clsu Science High School

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Dr. Arneil G. Gabriel

In partial fulfillment of the requirements in Research Methodology for Public Administration PA 213
SY 2014-2015 2nd sem

Education is often regarded as passport to social mobility. This simply means that education can pave the way to an individual’s better and promising future. This is the very reason why the Philippine Constitution provides for at least free formal basic education, more particularly in public schools
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It is one of the occasions marked by mixed emotions. Prior to this significant milestone in the life of every students, one baffling questions usually confront the graduating student. What college degree will I take? In what school will I continue my search for knowledge? What basic considerations dictate or influence my career preference? The answers to these questions were the main focus of this study.

Objectives of the study
This study was conducted to:
1. Find out the career preference/college degree choice of the graduating students of the CLSU Science High School;
2. Know the respondents’ preferred college/university where to study;
3. Identify the factors that influence the respondents’ career preference.
4. Come up with suggestions to better help students in choosing/planning for their college education.

Significance of the Study
Admission to the CLSU Science High School is highly competitive, as applicants need to pass the entrance examination. Once admitted, students have to be diligent in their studies in order to maintain their status and eventually be counted as one of the graduates of this prestigious school. With all the trials and tribulations that graduates have to go through, it is but imperative that they should have thought of and carefully planned out their career choice even before graduation.
Results of this study hope to bring to fore invaluable information that could help graduating students to pursue their most coveted career preference. Those who are financially hard up for instance but are highly qualified to take college degrees in a university in Metro Manila or elsewhere can be assisted to get sponsors/scholarships to enable them to realize their dreams.
The CLSU Science High School management can come up with programs that will help graduating students be enlightened as to what courses are in high demand in the industry or other sectors.

Scope and Limitations
This study focused on the 60 graduating students of the CLSU Science High School for SY 2014-2015. A complete enumeration was conducted considering that there were only 60 of them. Since this study was only confined one school, results may not be generalized to other secondary science schools in Nueva Ecija, in particular and in other parts of the country, in general.

This section of the research report presents the review of literature related to the present study.
Choosing a Career
Choosing a career has become complex or perplexing decision to make what with the advancement of information technology, and the continuing change in the world we live in. This usually begins when one is about to finish the secondary level of education when an individual has to decide what course to take in college as a preparation for life or to immediately embark on a more challenging decision of finding a work to make a living. While in the older times, it was a common notion that if one comes from a...

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