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Corrections And Treatment Essay

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Corrections and Treatment


Sometimes when a juvenile is charged with a crime there are options available to them that does not include jail time. One option is community-based treatments, community-based treatments refers to efforts to provide care, protection, and treatment for juveniles that are in need. The two community-based treatments that I will focus on are probation and electronic monitoring.
Probation is non-punitive legal dispositions for delinquent youths, emphasizing treatment without incarceration. Probation can be assigned to a youth as a sentence for a crime. What happens with probation is the youth is assigned a probation officer and are ...view middle of the document...


If a court determines that a juvenile has committed a crime serious enough for incarceration the juvenile will be sent to a juvenile correctional facility. Although the primary duty of the family court system is to rehabilitate and help the juvenile sometimes crimes are bad enough that time in jail will suffice. However, when you have juveniles that are incarcerated they become institutionalized and sometimes face additional issues with this.
One major issue is with institutionalization is within the facilities that house female inmates. These facilities are known to be more restrictive than the male facilities and does not offer the same amount of educational programs or services that male facilities offer. There are also studies that show hat females tend to be incarcerated for longer terms than males. This should be of major concern because if these types of issues are going on with a female inmate there is no way that they are being help and deterred from a life of crime. They don’t have options and services and are sometimes neglected in the system. When these females are finally released they are more than likely to slip back into a life of crime because the foundation was not set while they were incarcerated.


Aftercare in the juvenile justice system is the equivalent of parole in the adult criminal justice system. After care programs can include, supervision, work release and reporting to a caseworker their progress in finding a job or going...

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