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Corporate Strategy Analysis

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Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion
Shelby Little
May 4, 2015
Ronald Sprague

Corporate Strategy Analysis Discussion

This week the team discussed corporate strategies for the four corporations. We learned what makes these CEO’s the miracle workers they are. I have listed some of the things we discussed and some we did not.
Coca Cola
This week we discussed how Coca Cola’s CEO was very smart to keep the company a beverage only company. Unlike Pepsico, who has branched out into snacks and fast food, Coca Cola has chosen to merge with other beverage companies.
Mr. Isdell chose to find a core group of individuals who wanted to be part of the rebranding of Coca Cola. He made these leaders owners in the corporation. He chose to develop coalitions from the inside out and follow through with them. His ...view middle of the document...

Xerox was on the brink of disaster when Anne took over as CEO and she managed to pull them back from the brink and turn a profit. She came in and immediately addressed the company's liquidity issues, quickly raising $2.5 billion in cash. By adopting a back to basics ideology, Anne managed to save a faltering company and restore it to its grandeur.
Southwest Airlines
When Gary Kelly took over the reins at Southwest Airlines, he had his work cut out for him. He had to turn around a company that had a record of poor customer service and unhappy employees. He chose to do this by just being a nice, normal everyman.
His mission was to provide the utmost in customer service and attempt to keep fares down. The airline flies all the same planes. When he travels, he likes to sit in the cramped back row of the plane, this means the paying customers get the better seats. This also gives him the opportunity to chat with the company’s patrons.
He then set out to make the employees happy. He did this by providing a stable work environment for the employees. He insists that the employees be treated with the same respect and consideration that they are expected to provide the customers. I have two friends that work for Southwest, one as a pilot and one as a ground supervisor and they say they would not trade the company for the world.
VF Corporation
VF Corporation is the umbrella for the labels such as Wrangler, Lee, Nautica, and North Face. Mackey McDonald had been CEO for five years when his biggest challenge came about. The company had to lay off 13,000 employees and move manufacturing oversees to compete.
By doing so, the company has posted record profits as well as boosting its sales in the overseas markets. He has also added lifestyle brands such as Vans and Reef. He also wanted to have a presence in higher end stores such as Macy’s. His overall goal is to have the lifestyle brands make up 60% of the company compared to the 40% it is now.

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