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Corns Essay

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Portfolio Task Module 5
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Discuss the possible presenting symptoms after a hard knock on the leg in the area behind the knee.

The knee is the joint situated in the leg between the thigh bone (the femur) and the shin bone (the tibia). It is designed in such away to allow great flexibility of movement, yet it is still strong and stable enough to hold the body upright. (DR Maxine Long1999)
According to (Tortora, Derrickson 2011). The knee joint is the joint most vulnerable to damage because it is a mobile weight bearing joint and its stability depends almost entirely on its associated ligaments and muscles.
A hard knock in the leg to the area behind the knee would be painful. This area is called the popliteal fossa. The tibial nerve travels through the popliteal fossa under the soleus muscle and also between the deep ...view middle of the document...

The knee swells swelling may occur immediately or hours after an injury. The initial swelling is due to an escape of blood from damaged blood vessels and also ruptures of the ligament. Delayed swelling is due to excessive production of synovial fluid. (DR Maxine Long 1999)
(Tortora, Derrickson 2011) State damage to ligaments can cause severe pain and disability. The posterior cruciate ligaments and the lateral ligaments the medial collateral ligaments are the main ligaments that allow smooth motion during knee flexion.
Nerves are fragile and can be damaged by pressure, stretching, or cutting. Injury to a nerve can stop signals to and from the brain, causing muscles to work properly and a loss of feeling in the injured area. Nerves carry messages between the brain and the rest of the body. Motor nerves carry messages between the brain and muscles to make the body move. Sensory nerves carry messages between the brain and different parts of the body to signal pain pressure temperature. (DR Alice Roberts 2010)
A hard knock to the leg in the area behind the knee could cause injury to the popliteal nerve this can cause numbness, tingling, pain and weakness in the lower leg, ankle and foot. Vascular injury could cause a bleed from the popliteal artery or vain causing a Hematoma.( DR Maxine Long 1999 )
To conclude there are a number of symptoms to a hard knock in the leg behind the knee. Because the knee is a complicated region and the back of it has lots of structures veins arteries nerves and muscles. A hard knock to the knee could be extremely debilitating.


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