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Core Value Paper

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Higher Education Core Value Paper/ Commitment
Marie-Germaine Rancy
Molloy College

Identification and analysis of the identified Core Value
Presently, there are many aspects of Higher Education. Some are physical; the campus and its classrooms, laboratories, and library. Those spaces are occupied by students, faculty, and staff and some are nonphysical. “The activities of Higher Education are learning, research, dialogue, and reflection. Thus far, none of these attributes are unique” (Shephard, 2007, p. 87). The most distinctive attributes of Higher Education today are its commitment to their students.
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Maintaining brilliant learning communities requires more than teachers’ commitment to remain with the organization, it involves a commitment to continuous growth and learning which is shared with colleagues (Cherkowski, 2012). Research showed that organizations that will thrive are those that induce the greatest human capacities and must be in good relationships to desire and to contribute to something beyond ourselves (Wheatley, 2005). In 2011 Noble and Henderson argued that to address the retention issues, effective social integration and support has to accompany academic preparedness. The program was based on the understanding that it was imperative to create opportunities, knowledge and skills available to students, thus, that they can actively participate in a cycle of learning, and reflection from the beginning of their study. During the students first year, it was important for students to begin to develop a sense of belonging in the university and to feel like a complete member of university life. These included; academic readiness, financial support and social support. The program in place called FYI (First Year Infusion/For Your Information). The program aimed to be responsible for students’ needs, academic literacies, and other forms of learning management pertinent to the change of the University. The value of the relationships between students and staff is held important for creating an atmosphere of faith and fostering bonding. Curriculum and pedagogy needed to be associated with the students’ perceptions as modeled continuously by academics. The FYI program was proven to be effective for addressing retention issues and improvement of teaching and learning. The emphasis on integrity was essential for helping to retain students, and the involvement of the staff to rethink their understanding about the students’ transition to university.
Exploration of the role of the value in Higher Education
The role of Higher Education is changing to correspond to the trends of the rapidly growing society. Its primary and principal goal is to educate the leaders of tomorrow by redefining their systematic and critical thinking. The mission is not just to publicize the knowledge but also to encourage the students into the making of knowledge. “Once upon a time, Higher Education was seen as a public good that brought value to our society. Now, Higher Education is comprehended as a personal investment in which the public has limited interest” (Malveaux, 2003, p.63). This quote represents the true picture of Higher Education in today’s world. It only exists to strengthen the economy. This approach is to produce workers for the labor market and economy. However, Higher Education’s role is not just confined to the financial terms that ends up in better economic outcomes. It also contributes towards the intellectual and cultural development of the individual. A Higher Education can be both mentally and spiritually...

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