Cops Can Cite Speeders Without Radar

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Cops Can Cite Speeders Without Radar

Recently, the Ohio Supreme Court issued a ruling that said that a trained police officer’s visual estimate of a vehicle’s speed is enough to uphold the conviction, without proof from a speed gun. In my opinion, I believe that this new ruling is not fair at all. I agree with Rick, who says that it is showing that American’s are incrementally ...view middle of the document...

The issues posed here are that, as stated before, American’s are losing freedoms, and also another big issue is fairness. Hypothetically a cop could pull over someone for speeding, even if they are not, and the person pulled over has no say in it because it is the cop’s word versus the person pulled over’s word. Who would the court believe? The cop. Are there enough safety issues and people getting injured or killed from speeders for the Supreme Court to issue this ruling?
Other situations where people are in the mercy of those in power are dictatorships. In dictatorships there are not nearly as many freedoms as the United States has. People do not have a say in authority and if they speak out or act out they will be punished. While I do not believe that the United States will get this bad, this new ruling that cops can cite speeders without a radar is a big step to American’s giving into the power of the government.

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