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Coors Case Study

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Case Study: Adolph Coors Company
Should Shirley Richard encourage or discourage the Coors brothers to go on “60 Minutes”.

submit to an interview to booster Coors’ image. Public debate and media commentary can present new challenges for organizations that do not have a clear strategic response to those issues (Benn, Todd & Pendleton, 2010). It would be in the company’s best interest to get ahead of the negative press and defend itself against the allegations of racism, sexism, and other biases. If Coors were to refuse an interview it may look like they have something to hide or and it could to the company being judged more harshly. A company’s image in the media can make or break them. Therefore it is important for Coors to have a positive relationship with the media and feel comfortable granting them ...view middle of the document...

False information given during an interview can further damage the company’s reputation and make it much more difficult to save the company’s image. Shirley Richards, director of Coors’ 1978 legislative affairs function, was aware that Coors would be on the defensive during the interview given on “60 Minutes” due to the established nature and format of the show (Argenti, 2013). When participating in an interview with a confrontational journalism program, Coors should try its best to take the offensive. Customers appreciate and respect transparency from leadership and organizations that detail why a particular decision was made (Suyak, 2010). I think that it would be in Coors’ best interest to confront the allegations directly and make a plan to investigate any possible wrongdoing in order to satisfy the public, the labor unions, and their employees. According to Deverell and Olsson (2010, p. 118), “an organization’s ability to adapt to changing conditions posed by a crisis, in terms of stakeholder relations as well as operational crisis management capacity, affects its ability to cope with crises in public perception.”

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