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1. Cooperative Identity, Values, Principles, Governance and Best Practices and Gentle Balanced Leadership By: Josefina B. Bitonio Supervising CDS A Lecture – Presentation for the 4th PamBuhay Parents Council Congress November 2, 2013 DMMMSU, Agoo, La Union
2. Cooperative Identity Groups of individual around the world and throughout time have worked together in the pursuit of human goals. Example of cooperation, collective action can be traced back to our prehistoric predecessors who recognized the advantages of hunting, gathering, and living in groups rather than on their own.
3. The earliest cooperative associations were created in Europe and North America during ...view middle of the document...

7. Types of Cooperatives ART. 23. Type and Categories of Cooperatives. (1) Types of Cooperatives. Cooperatives may fall under any of the following types: (a) Credit Cooperative is one that promotes and undertakes savings and lending services among its members. It generates a common pool of funds in order to provide financial assistance to its members for productive and provident purposes; “ (b) Consumers Cooperative is one of the primary purpose of which is to procure and distribute commodities to members and non-members;
8. (c) Producers Cooperative is one that undertakes joint production whether agricultural or industrial. It is formed and operated by its members to undertake the production and processing of raw materials or goods produced by its members into finished or processed products for sale by the cooperative to its members and non-members. Any end product or its derivative arising from the raw materials produced by its members, sold in the name and for the account of the cooperative, shall be deemed a product of the cooperative and its members;
9. (d) Marketing Cooperative is one which engages in the supply of production inputs to members and markets their products; (e) Service Cooperative is one which engages in medical and dental care, hospitalization, transportation, insurance, housing, labor, electric light and power, communication, professional and other services;
10. (f) Multipurpose Cooperative is one which combines two (2) or more of the business activities of these different types of cooperatives; (g) Advocacy Cooperative is a primary cooperative which promotes and advocates cooperativism among its members and the public through socially-oriented projects, education and training, research and communication, and other similar activities to reach out to its intended beneficiaries; (h) Agrarian Reform Cooperative is one organized by marginal farmers majority of which are agrarian reform beneficiaries for the purpose of developing an appropriate system of land tenure, land development, land consolidation or land management in areas covered by agrarian reform;
11. (h) Agrarian Reform Cooperative is one organized by marginal farmers majority of which are agrarian reform beneficiaries for the purpose of developing an appropriate system of land tenure, land development, land consolidation or land management in areas covered by agrarian reform; i) Cooperative Bank is one organized for the primary purpose of providing a wide range of financial services to cooperatives and their members;
12. (j) Dairy Cooperative is one whose members are engaged in the production of fresh milk which may be processed and/or marketed as dairy products; (k) Education Cooperative is one organized for the primary purpose of owning and operating licensed educational institutions notwithstanding the provisions of Republic Act No. 9155, otherwise known as the Governance of Basic Education Act of 2001; (k) Education Cooperative is one organized...

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