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Network Design Proposal

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I. Physical Network Design

A. Network Topology
Business Needs
In this section, you will assess the business needs of the company. Use the information provided in the scenario to analyze the need for infrastructure or equipment. If you need more information, feel free to ask your instructor or make some assumptions. If you make some assumptions, be sure to list them. This section is not about the actual infrastructure or equipment, but it should discuss the business needs of the company.
ABS Enterprises believes that employees’ health, well-being, and ...view middle of the document...

Justify your determination that the selected topologies will meet the business needs. Use the information provided in the scenario to make the appropriate assumptions (make sure to list those assumptions). Be sure to also provide an analysis of the justification for the infrastructure or equipment.
Last month, the Human Resources department conducted a survey asking all current employees which facility they would be more likely to use: basketball court, volleyball court, or tennis court. Based on the survey, 70% of our employees selected basketball, 40% selected a tennis court, and 20% percent chose volleyball court.

B. Network Media
Business Needs
Assess the business needs.

Proposed Network Media (include network wiring diagrams)
Select one or more network media to use for this design.

Justify your determination that the selected media will meet the business needs.

C. Network Devices
Business Needs
Assess the business needs.

Proposed Network Devices
Select network devices to use to implement the design. Include setup and location information for the devices. Provide a comprehensive list of devices including the quantity of each device needed.

Justify your determination that the selected network devices will meet the business needs.

D. Network Security Devices
Business Needs
Assess the business needs.

Proposed Network Security Devices
Select network security devices to use to secure the network. Include setup and location information for the devices. Provide comprehensive list of devices including the quantity of each device needed.

Justify your determination that the selected network security devices will meet the business needs.
E. Computer Systems
Business Needs
Assess the business needs.

Proposed Computer Systems

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