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Contrast To Human Rights Essay

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Contrast of Human Rights

In Andrew Vincent’s, “The Politics of Human Rights,” we are shown the politics involved in understanding the qualities of human rights. In Vincent’s perspective human rights can be understood through the realm of politics. Assertions and understandings made in politics give ground way to the public maintaining and the ordering of the norms of that society. In term, human rights is controlled and perceived through politics. Although politics deems what are human rights, it’s also its biggest culprit. As Vincent says, “when it comes to human rights the state is the police and the criminal at the same time…” What Vincent identifies is the paradox of human rights, in ...view middle of the document...

Assessing the case for adopting freedom from poverty as a human right is seen as requiring examination of the combined implications of the moral considerations relating to the elimination of poverty and the existing and potential practice of human rights institutions, including the mechanisms at work in the implementation of their policies. Thus giving clear indication to the formalities of politics and its heavy involvement to human rights. Vincent believes while “there is considerable cross cultural agreement on abstract statements of human rights”(42), this agreement does not extend to their specific content, their practical implications, or how they should be institutionalized and implemented. On the political approach, “human rights are understood as socio-political constructs characterized by their distinctive functions or roles in various political arena”(37). This is based on the contention that human rights are a contemporary political phenomenon which has developed out of the human rights practice arising from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948) and the subsequent human rights activities associated with the various human rights conventions and treaties adopted since 1968.
The political approach to the philosophy of human rights may be seen as a responds to growing skepticism about human rights. In this respect, human rights have become victims of their own success. Now the preferred moral discourse of politics, the human rights brand attracts an ever-widening variety of adherents and gives rise to an increasingly broad range of strategies and mechanisms. This, in turn, makes it more and more difficult to develop an overarching conceptualization of human rights, which has sufficient precision to provide adequate practical guidance as to what human rights are, what human rights are for, and how we should go about determining their content and scope. For an example the biggest and most hypocritical state of human rights is the United States. France and Ireland are demanding Obama follow through on the promise to close Guantanamo Bay. Britain, Belgium and dozens of others have called on the US to abolish the death penalty. For many, it’s the ultimate hypocrisy. How can a state with roughly 3,000 people on death row lecture the world about humanity? Many say the prime example is Mumia abu Jamal, viewed...

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