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Contrast Essay

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Keishla Garcia Morales
Prof. Ramos
1 March 2013
Does actions equal to consequences?
Basically most of the people think that there is always a consequence for every action. But, is that really true? Do we always have a consequence for our actions? In “The Story of the Bad Little Boy” and “The Story of the Good Little Boy” by Mark Twain, it shows us the different consequences for several actions made by two boys, a bad one and a good one.
In “The Story of the Bad Little Boy” during Jim’s school day, he took a pocket knife from his teacher. Knowing he may get in trouble, Jim placed the pocket knife in the hat one of the most innocent boy’s in his school. Twain spoke ...view middle of the document...

Twain shows the irony at this point in the short story very well. He kills his family and gets rich from it? Not only should not be rich in the sense of having money, but he should also feel so poor since he lost all of his loved ones. Like Jim’s life, his feelings and morals are the total opposite of a typical person’s.
On the contrary, in “The Story of the Good Little Boy” we can noticed, in contrary of the bad little boy, that the good little boy always listened to his parents, he never missed Sunday-school “even if his better judgment told him to skip school” (Twain). He was always perfect, really seemed strange, his parents thought that there was something wrong with him because of the way he was so they protected him. Twain mentions that reason that Jacob was so good was because he loved to read the Sunday-schools books. Eventually Twain tells that when Jacob found a boy steeling apples, he went under the tree to read to him about the bad little boy who fell out of an apple tree and broke his arm; the boy fell out of the tree too, but he fell on Jacob, and broke his arm, and the boy was not hurt at all. Another event was when Jacob saw some bad boys sailing off in a sailboat. He was so terrified because he knew from a...

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