Contract Administration Log Book Essay

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Contract Administration

Preparation of log book
BSc construction management

1. Roles and relationships
2.1 Conflicting professions
2.2 Consultant roles
2.3 Professional service agreements
2. procurement systems
3.4 Procurement
3.5 Design and build
3.6 PFI - private finance initiative
3. contractor selection and tendering procedures
4.7 Purpose of tendering
4.8 Selective tendering
4.9 Negotiation
4. contract choice (JCT/NEC etc.) and contract terms
5.10 Standard form
5.11 JCT Joint contracts tribunal
5.12 NEC New engineering contracts
5. liability in tort (and the ...view middle of the document...

It is particularly common in construction projects due the reliance on team work and the resulting overlap of professions in all projects.
2.1 consultant roles
The primary concern of professional institutions should be the client and public needs however these concerns are often overshadowed by an emphasis put on ‘tradition.’ Murdoch and Hughes (2008, p.15-16) describe this emphasis on ‘tradition’ as an understanding held by those that want to convey the view of clear position and importance. This need for professional identity limits the services offered by members of said institutions. The introduction of professional indemnity insurance policy’s led to a further limitation of the services offered by professionals as the insurers will only insure against specific risks. An employer therefore has too look at an institution’s professional service agreement to establish expected roles.
2.2 professional service agreements
Before a consultant is employed the employer must consult the relevant professional service agreement from the consultant’s institution to determine the specific set of services that are offered by the consultant separate from the project specific duties they will carry out. With regards to the institutions the service agreement provides a standard model that can be followed by all members therefore resulting in similar services offered by all. The problems with service agreements arise when each profession has their own agreement that defines the relationship between client and the consultant. Latham (1994) points out that there is fragmentation created by differing terms of appointment that therefore compromises the significance of teamwork.

2. Procurement systems

3.3 procurement
Procurement is the term used to describe the route a project will take across its whole duration including the design, planning and building stages. There are many different types of procurement and before a route is chosen the following aspects need to be taken into consideration:
* The client’s needs
* The involvement of the contractor
* The allocation of risk
There is not any one method of procurement that will suit all projects some are more widely used than others however are still not applicable to all, therefore a careful consideration of the above is vital for project success.
3.4 Design and build
Design and build procurement provides a route where one contractor is employed for the design and build of a project compared to general contracting where design is separated from build. The advantages of design and build over general contracting is that the conflicts between the design and build teams, which so often occur, should be very minimal as they are in a sense the same team and all the risk for the design and the build is with one party. There is a high degree of cost certainty and communication is a lot easier when only dealing with one contractor.
3.5 PFI – private finance...

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