Contract Administration And Change Issue Essay

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Contract Administration and Change Issue

LEG 505, Strayer University

September 9, 2012


This paper will review the importance of roles and responsibilities of contracting officers and administrator. It will look at the importance of improving the methods of creating contract schedules. This paper will develop a policy to explain the roles the contracting officers should have played with regards to GAO-09-406T, Department of Energy: Contract and Project Management Concerns at National Nuclear Security Administration and Office of Environmental Management. It will also recommend how each agency listed in the GAO-09-406T testimony could ...view middle of the document...

Factors influencing the degree of contract administration include the nature of the work, the type of contract, and the experience and commitment of the personnel involved.
Post award orientations of some type with the contractor have proven quite successful as a useful tool in the communication process. They help the government and contractor achieve a clear and mutual understanding of the contract requirements, helps the contractor understand the roles and responsibilities of the government officials who will administer the contract, and reduces future problems. Items that should be discussed during the meeting should include such things as the authority of government personnel who will administer the contract, quality control and testing, the specific contract deliverable requirements, special contract provisions, the government's procedures for monitoring and measuring performance, contractor billing, voucher approval, and payment procedures.
The contracting officer, who normally has several contracts to administer concurrently, often designates an Administrative Contracting Officer (ACO) and authorizes that person to perform certain functions on his or her behalf. The contract identifies the ACO and specifies the authorized actions. The ACO’s job is to engage in the day to day tasks of the contract which involves monitoring the schedule, cost performance against the contract specification. They will schedule meeting associated with the contract and also ensure funding is provided to the contractor on a timely basis. The ACO is not authorized to add, delete, or modify any contract terms, conditions, or requirements, or to take any action that might appear to effect a change.
Along with appointing an ACO the contracting officer will normally appoint a contracting officer representative (COR) whose job it is to monitor the technical matters of the contract. The CO delegate’s specific contract administration functions to the COR of the program office who has functional or technical expertise concerning the requirement are specified within the contract itself. The COR functions as the "eyes and ears" of the contracting officer, monitoring technical performance and reporting any potential or actual problems to the contracting officer. It is imperative that the COR stay in close communication with the contracting officer, relaying any information that may affect contractual commitments and requirements (A.U. 1994). Just like the ACO, the COR is not authorized to add, delete, or modify any contract terms, conditions, or requirements, or to take any action that might appear to effect a change
What is the importance of improving the methods of creating contract schedules?
Success of a project depends on the ability of an organization to produce accurate estimates, build realistic schedule and then meet those milestones. During the development stage of a project the CO should ensure that the contract includes a framework of...

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