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Continuing Academic Success Essay

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Creating success in life and with business requires us to move in the direction of the goals we set for ourselves. Without goals we lack focus and direction. Goal setting allows us to take control of our life’s direction, and gives us a guide to determine if we are actually succeeding. To accomplish our goals, we need to know how to set them, it is a process that starts with consideration of what we want to achieve and ends with a lot of hard work to get there. Effective goal setting is the surest path to success.
“They used their failures as learning experience and were not deterred from continuing to set goals. Instead each man held to a belief in himself as he continued to pursue goals ...view middle of the document...

This ethical lens shows you strength s and weaknesses. Shows you points in your life that can be improved upon so that you don’t get taken advantage of to take advantage of anyone else.
The ability to think clearly and rationally is important in everything that we choose to do. Being able to think well and solve problems is an asset for anyone or any career. Thinking critically and systematically can improve the way we express our ideas. “Problem-solving and decision making skills, and the associated responsibilities, are critical for empowerment. Effective empowerment means providing the responsibilities and the skills for people to manage their work.” (Schleck, J.D. 1992) Critical thinking skills can be improved, we can start to question our assumptions, taking information on the authority that it can be useful, but we have to use our instincts to investigate questionable pieces of information. Part of critical thinking understands our own biases, understanding what they are for yourselves and how they affect how you deal with information. We have to be able to have empathy for other and put ourselves in their shoes, we can use this information to get leverage, or just be a better person.
There are many resources that can help with success, and improving critical thinking. One amazing resource is the university library, which gives the user access to many sources of information. There are thousands of eBooks available through the Library. They have many different topics and subjects. There are also article and journal entries to access for resources. There is also an extensive media library, where you can research videos. Through the university library we also have access to the CWE, the center for writing excellence. There are resources that help develop written communication skills. There you can submit a paper and review for plagiarism. There is also grammar assistance, even live assistance, where you can talk to a live person who can help you. There are many tutorial and guides on writing, grammar, even with siting sources. There is also the CME, the center for mathematic excellence, which is help with math, there is step by step review of math problems, and there are also live labs.

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