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Continued Education Essay

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Kristen Sabin
Grand Canyon University: Professional Dynamics
November 1st, 2015
The Importance of Continued Nursing Education

The Institute of Medicine has set forth a motion that the rate of Baccalaureate Nurses increases to 80% by the year 2020. The reasoning for this is that healthcare is ever changing and the need for lifelong learning in nurses to adapt to these changes if critical. (IOM, 2010, pg. 48). It is also estimated that the with baby boomer population entering into retirement, there will be an increased need for nurses in general but also for nurses that are capable of handling more complex patient care situations.
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There is a focus on primary care within this report that specifies that while there is an increase in Nurse Practitioners (NP) and Physician’s Assistants (PA), there has been a decrease in medical students and residents entering into primary care. (IOM, 2010, pg. 88) This means that the number of nurses that continue on their education pathways has been increasing as well. The need for BSN degrees within the primary care setting continues to increase.
Within the primary care setting, there has been seen to have an increased quality of care to patients due to the continued education that nurses continue to pursue. There have been decreased medication errors due to nurses having the confidence to clarify orders with physicians to ensure that unclear orders are rewritten, reduced overall infection rates, and assisting in better transitions between the hospital and home for patients. There has been a substantial decrease in central line associated blood stream infections as well.
I plan to transition to hospital care nursing in the future and want to continue my education in order to provide safe, effective, quality care to my patients. I understand that continuing my education and advancing my degree also brings more responsibility in the terms of leadership and management. While I have already been doing some of this in my work up to this point in my career, I want to be able to lead the staff under me to ensure that they are also giving safe, quality care and wanting the best possible outcome for the patient.
The IOM reports that a major part of nurses every day duties will be to utilize their leadership skills in many different ways. Nurses will need to show a strong leadership style in order to partner with physicians and other health care professionals in order to redesign and improve health care across the world. Nurses must also demonstrate leadership in order to decipher new research findings across nursing practice and to and from nursing...

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