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Consumer Behaviour And Insurance Essay

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Chapter 1: Introduction
Security has been a universal desire right from the earliest civilizations. This quest for security has led to the concept of insurance. Insurance is a contract between two parties whereby one party called insurer undertakes, in exchange for a fixed sum called premium to pay the other party an assured sum of money on the occurrence of a certain event. Life insurance protects against the economic loss in the event of death. A family is generally dependent for its food, clothing and shelter on the income brought by the bread earner of the family. So long as he lives, that family secure but the death of the person may put the family in a very difficult situation. ...view middle of the document...

Consumer behavior involves study of how people buy, what they buy, when they buy and why they buy. It blends the elements from psychology, sociology, psychology, anthropology and economics. It also tries to assess the influence on the consumer from groups such as family, friends, reference groups and society in general. Buyer behavior has two aspects: the final purchase activity visible to any observer and the detailed or short decision process that may involve the interplay of a number of complex variables not visible to anyone. These include 5 steps which are: problem or need recognition, information search, alternative evaluation, purchase and post-purchase evaluation.
Meaning of Market Segmentation:
Market segmentation attempts to isolate the traits that distinguish a certain group of consumers from the overall market. An understanding of the group’s characteristics—such as age, gender, geographic location, income, and buying patterns—plays a vital role in developing a successful marketing strategy. In most cases, marketers seek to pinpoint a number of factors affecting buying behavior in the target segment. Marketers in the travel industry consider employment trends, changes in income levels and buying patterns, age, lifestyle, and other factors when promoting their goods and services. Marketers rarely identify totally homogeneous segments, in which all potential customers are alike; they almost always encounter some differences among members of a target group. Market segmentation is to divide the market into smaller segments. The reason for dividing the market is to make it easier to address the needs of smaller groups of customers, particularly if they have many characteristics in common (Breen). It is easier if you find things in common that are the same such age, gender, benefits, lifestyles, etc. We also use market segmentation to find niches or to identify under-served or un-served markets. "Using niche marketing, segmentation can allow a new company or new product to target less contested buyers and help a mature product seek new buyers" (Cumming). Niche marketing can also take a normally large, identifiable group within a market break it into sub groups so marketing can become easier. Niching offers smaller companies an opportunity to compete by forcing their limited resources on serving niches that may be unimportant to or overlooked by larger competitors (Mariotti). In many markets today, niches are normal, as agency executive observed, "There will be no market for products that everybody likes a little, and only for products that somebody likes a lot (Mariotti). Market segmentation is also used to be efficient.
Importance of Life Insurance:
|Investment option |Insurance products are an excellent investment option where the policyholder not only gets the advantage|
| |of insurance cover, but also a return on their investments based on their risk appetite. ...

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