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Consumer Behavior Insights Essay

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Consumer Behavior Insights

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Course title : Marketing
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Assignment topic : Consumer Behaviour Insights
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Name :
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Course title : Marketing
Course :
Assignment topic : Consumer Behaviour Insights
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BUMKT5901 Assignment (Individual)1: Report marking criteria
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Executive Summary that provides an overview of the report and clearly articulates the key insights and justification for these insights | |
Clear description of the consumer | |
Clear statement as to the nominated product that will be or was purchased | |
Analysis of purchases based on marketing and consumer behaviour theories | |
Analysis concludes with key insights on purchase behaviour | |
Analysis of purchase of the nominated product with a focus on what influenced the purchase along with key insights | |
Appendix listing ALL purchases for one week incorporating a relevant and structured categorisation of all purchases | |
Structure (10%) | |
Follows required structure as per checklist | |
Demonstrates use of colour, headings, layout to enhance presentation of argument | |
Integrates tables, charts or diagrams to enhance communication of information | |
Appropriate and adequate use of references and correctly structured reference list | |
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