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Construction Of Loop (Saidabad Side) Of Khilgaon Flyover Project

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Project Summary of
Construction of Loop (Saidabad Side) of Khilgaon Flyover Project
Course Name: International Project Management
Course Code: IB-509

Submitted To:
Suborna Barua,
Assistant Professor,
Department of International Business,
University of Dhaka

Submitted By:
Sl. No | Name | Roll No. |
01. | H. M. Rubayyiat Quayyum | 20 |
02. | Md. Mizanur Rahman | 31 |
03. | Md. Sajib Hossain | 32 |
04. | Md. Alauddin Akash | 34 |

MBA 6th Batch
Department Of International Business
University of Dhaka

Date: May 27, 2014

Construction of Loop (Saidabad Side) of Khilgaon Flyover Project

* Summary of needs and request for action:
The government undertook a number of remedial measures to address the public sufferings caused by intolerable ...view middle of the document...

This has seriously constrained the objectives and expected benefits of the flyover as originally planned. Till now the large volume of traffic coming from Progoti Sarani and eastern part of the city (Mothertek, Kadamtali, Basabo, Shepaibag, Meradia, Goran) can not use the existing flyover and they do not have any other uninterrupted access toward Motijheel C/A and Rajarbag. Now, to overcome these constraints LGED proposes to construct the Saidabad loop as it was incorporated in the original plan in order to increase the traffic carrying capacity and maximize the benefit of a complete flyover.

Objectives 1: To create facility of Progoti Sharani & Eastern part of Dhaka City (Mathertech, Katamtali, Basabo, Sepahibag, Meradia, Goran, Tilpapara etc.) traffic to move towards Rajarbag and vise-versa on the flyover.

Objectives 2: To increase the capacity of Khilgaon Flyover, this is open for traffic on 23 March/2005.

Objectives 3: To reduce traffic congestion of Khilgaon Rail and Road Intersection of Dhaka Metropolitan City by adding Loop at Saidabad side.

* Statement of work (SOW):
Construction of Pre-stressed Concrete Girder Flyover (Loop)
* Deliverable specifications:
This Project will complete Construction of Loop (Saidabad Side) of Khilgaon Flyover Project which Loop length is 615m and carriage way width 5.5m
* Responsibilities—vendor and customer:
Vendor: WMCG –Navana Construction Limited
Customer: Local Government Engineering Department, Government of Bangladesh

* Project schedule:
Reporting Period: March 2014
Starting Date: 2010-10-01
Completion Date: 2014-06-30
Financial Year: 2013-2014
Source of Fund: GoB
Project Cost: 6975.00(Lac Taka)
Type of Contract: Civil Work

* Contact Person:
Kazi Samim Ahamed,
Project Manager,
Contact: 01730084010

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