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Construction Essay

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Lotus Riverside Apartments

The Lotus Riverside Apartment Complex was a newly built residential complex in Shanghai China that toppled over. It was a 13 story building that tumbled over before the building was all the way complete for move in. The building was built with a car garage attached to the bottom of the complex and the building collapsed while the workers were in process of excavating the area for the garage.
The Lotus Riverside Complex failed due to many construction errors such as faulty foundation and improper assessment of environment before construction. The workers while excavating the dirt for the garage dumped the dirt on the opposite side of the building. When it ...view middle of the document...

Every action has a consequence and punishments were handed down to the owners of these construction companies. 52-year-old Que Jingde and Zhang Zhiqin, 51 were both sentenced to life in prison. This building failure resulted in the death of one man and millions over dollars in other fees to clean up and complete a safety haul to the rest of the apartment buildings. The two men are being sent back to court because after investigation of other buildings they were in charge of there was evidence of more faulty construction practices.
This horrific tragedy relates to a couple chapters in this course such as excavations, leveling water pressures, and foundations. This construction failure came because they ignored all of the important principles pertaining to these topics. They builders and designers received a lot of criticism because the rules they violated were fairly simple construction rules but they also as displayed in this situation very important to know and understand
The first problem that turned the construction of this apartment complex all bad was when the builders ignored the fact that it was very important to use re-bar on the apartment complex to help stabilize the complex to the foundation. The pilings that they used were strong enough to hold the apartment up but to the re-bar is needed to help keep the foundation of the apartment complex strong enough to with stand some natural factors that come in to play.
The second thing that the managers violated to look at was the foundation that they started building the complex on. Having the right foundation is important when building because of the settling factor and distortment of the building you are constructing. Knowing the water table and how soluble the dirt you are building on. This was the problem that happened at construction site because when it rained combined with the already softness of the ground created a very soft ground...

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