Constitution Paper

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Constitution Paper
Tiffany Sky Mendoza
March 2, 2015
Davon Bissonette

Constitution Paper

There are four weakness in The Articles of Confederation. One week after the Declaration of Independence. Continental Congress started working on the Article of Confederation for the independent America states. The ideal was to bring the thirteen states together and at the same time allow each state to remain independent.
Unfortunately, the Article of Confederation was failing apart for several reasons. First, they had nothing in place to collect funds from the states or state citizens. Second, the national government did not have a way to regulate commerce. Third, the governments ...view middle of the document...

* King George III called legislative bodies away from their hometowns. He did this to make sure that the laws he wanted they would follow.
* King George III would dissolve representative houses so there would be no self-rule. The reason for this is that he wanted everyone to follow his laws.
* He stopped elections
* He made it harder for people to come to the colonies and made it harder for the people to buy land.
* He controlled the courts
* The King made the judges listen to everything he said. He also determined how much they would be paid and when they would be paid.
* He made mew offices to go down and harass the people.
* The King had his army there to help control the colonies.

Constitution Paper

The British army only listened to the King. It did not matter what the colonists said. For example, the King said to kill you whether they wanted to or not. They did because the king said, what he says goes.
* He allowed parliament to make all laws.
* He ordered people to house troops. For example, do whatever the troops the people had to do. Otherwise, there would be consequences.
* Protecting troops from murders against colonists by having fake trials.
* The only place they could trade with was England and no one else.
* Making more taxes without asking the people
* Not allowing the colonists to have a trial by jury
* He would arrest people on false pertinences and trial them in England.
* The colonists were not listening to the King. So he saw how Canada was being role by one ruler and they were not giving him problems. So what he decided was to do that same thing and that was to have one ruler in each colony.
* He took away the most valuable laws and their form of government
* The colonists felt like the King was taking over their colonies.
* He sent troops to go fight the colonists.
* He destroyed everything that meant anything to the colonists. He burnt the towns and destroyed their coasts.
* He hired more troops, when his troops die. Doing this made him madder then he already was.

Constitution Paper

* When he captured a colonists. He would tell the colonists either kill your family and friends or you kill yourself.
* He was making the Native American people mad so they would fight against the colonists.
* The colonists wanted him to change what he was doing. They sent the King petitions and he denied every one of them. The petitions made him...

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