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Consider Singapore Retail Firms (Retailers) And Discuss If Oligopoly Or Monopolistic Competition Best Explains These Retailers’ Market Behaviour

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Consider Singapore retail firms (retailers) and discuss if oligopoly or monopolistic competition best explains these retailers’ market behaviour.
Does oligopoly or monopolistic competition better explain the market behaviour of Singapore retail firms? First, a few definitions are in order.

First, retailers are firms that do not produce their goods that are sold, but only sell goods which are in turn manufactured by manufacturers or producers.

Second, oligopoly is characterised by many buyers but few sellers, each of the sellers interacting strategically against their rivals, which are the other firms competing in the oligopolistic industry, and there are high barriers to entry, ...view middle of the document...

On the other hand, there is no price stability in monopolistic competition because according to the economic model of monopolistic competition they operate using the profit maximising rule only to make their pricing decisions, where marginal cost equals to marginal revenue (MC=MR), which differs from firm to firm due to their changing marginal costs and marginal revenues.

Secondly, oligopolies tend to prefer non-price competition like advertising, freebies and lucky draws, whereas monopolistic competitive firms are more likely to compete based on prices (and output). Due to their large scale, with massive iEOS running down along their LRAC, oligopolies are able to use huge, large scale, media-based, newspapers and multimedia advertising, where for example supermarkets like Giant often advertise in newspapers. On special occasions, they also have products sold at lower prices or at special discounted, special occasion based prices. These oligopolies also have loyalty programmes, freebies, and even sometimes lucky draws with attractive prizes that make...

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