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Conservation And Preservation Essay

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Title: Conservation and Preservation


Course: SCI 275



Conservation and Preservation

Preserving the lands as they were intended to be so it can sustain its own natural

habitat and atmosphere without any interruption from humanity is essential to its own

environment. ...view middle of the document...

The intentions of the

image will be proclaimed as friendly, but the outcome will lead to some of the same

issues as we face now. Due to the demands of humankind to survive, as life as we know

it now, the leaders sees this as no choice but to make a decision to tap into undiscovered

locations as resources.

I am inclined to become self sufficient in our own nation by tapping into our own

resources that is sustainable for economic use, but to do it in a way where the provisions

of our effort does not cause more harm to the atmosphere and does preserve some natural

habitat for repopulation.

Some examples from the video would include: (1) 3.4 million acres located in

western Wyoming, United States, remained untouched for public resources; (2) The

possible resources would include oil and gas that would make us self sufficient; New

technology for friendly development. (3) Land of wild habitat, very few signs of modern

living, free range of Bison herds, and some would think that new development would

block critical life of migration roots.

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