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Connection And Web Evolution (Your Personal Sufficient Property For "Art")

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Connection and Web Evolution

PHI 339

One piece of art that I really like is called Acceptance vs. Rejection (Username Squish-Squash). This piece was a semi-finalist in Wacom’s 2009 Bring Your Vision to Life deviantART contest. This 2D image depicts a little girl hugging a strange creature that upon closer inspection appears to have the sad face of a pretty girl but the large, monstrous, decaying body of rejected attempts at existence. It is acknowledged to have been inspired by Hayao Miyazaki’s film, Spirited Away (2001).
An open property, which I feel is appropriate and which this work incorporates, that will necessarily make every piece of art with its inclusion pleasing to ...view middle of the document...

Connection is a property that I find appealing in all art without exception. The piece also happens to be aesthetically harmonious, however I cannot say of all art that is aesthetically harmonious that I will necessarily really like it.
Other pieces that I relate to on a lesser degree, I do not like as much- e.g. Pokémon art. I can respect the artwork that goes into these images however not being able to relate keeps our connection at a lower level, in turn lowering the amount of pleasure that I personally derive from these images.
I’d like to venture, since connection is such a broad property, to briefly discuss my pleasure of art. My appreciation of art, inadvertently but not surprisingly, has a direct correlation to the fundamental principle of art which, according to Weitz’s theory of the indefinable properties of art and also Dickie’s institutional theory of art (which does have two necessary properties but which are quite broad themselves), is that it is basically an open concept. I can consider my appreciation something like a spider web with many different points all leading to the middle. The outside of the web one could even say has an unlimited amount of potential linking points. The lines of web are ever-evolving; there’s always a new one being built and the old lines can decay and fall away, some lines are thicker and lead directly to the center of the web and others are thinner and go in other directions-...

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