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Conflicts Essay

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Conflicts are inevitable. All of us can get into a conflict. Sometimes little arguments lead to an intense conflict. Also, sometimes people overcome their conflicts quickly. I believe that conflicts can be easily resolved because it teaches people how to deal with situations like that, and leads people to think about the conflicts.

Conflicts can be easily resolved for it teaches people how to deal with situations like that. It means that people learn from their mistakes. Also, if the person has enough background about dealing with conflicts, he/she will be able to ...view middle of the document...

We can understand from this that because of her knowledge in dealing with conflicts, she was able to solve it quickly before it increase into serious fight!

Another reason why conflicts can be easily resolved is that it leads people to think about the conflict. It is important step to think about the conflict in order to solve it easily. That is because it gives the person time to think about his/her position in the conflict. It means that when people think alone about what have they said or done in a conflict that they had, they will be able to resolve it easily. People call that “Stating the conflicts”. According to the listening, stating the conflicts is part of the SALAM method which is a way to solve conflicts. Moreover, thinking can help people who have conflicts to know what they are thinking about. According to the reading, conflicts forces people to examine a problem and work towards a potential solution.

At the end, conflicts can be easily resolved because it teaches people what to do in these situations, and it leads people to think about the conflict. In my point of view, people can overcome all their problems if they respect and understand each other’s opinions.

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