Conflict Management Plan Essay

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Conflict Management Plan

1. Identify the available conflict management strategies and their strengths and weaknesses.

|Strategy |Strengths |Weaknesses |
|Competitive strategy |▪Short term outcome. Rise in output/result |▪Fails in the long- run. It reduces the |
| |▪ Provides a quick resolution. |inter-personal connections. |
| | |▪ Could potentially cause poor ...view middle of the document...

| |as develops sympathy. |▪ A potential lose-lose situation because |
| |▪ Efficient resolution. |parties might not be satisfied |
| | |▪ Cannot be used for complex issues. |
|Collaboration |▪The ability to solve initial issue |▪Time consuming to gain agreement on |
| |▪ Builds relationship for future projects. |solution. |
| |▪ Shared responsibility of resolution | |
|Accommodation |▪Preserves future relationships |▪Management puts his or her goals on hold |
| |▪ Allows the ability access the situation |soothers can achieve their goals. |
| |from every angle. | |

2. Which of the available conflict management strategies is most appropriate for the current situation with Clyde and Dan? Provide your rationale, including what factors you considered in making your selection. Your response should be at least 100 words.
The approach I would recommend for the conflict between David and James is collaborating strategy. This carries out the strategy that delivers a win/win effect for both, as they have been recognized as valuable employees. When David and James are collaborating, they are showing teamwork and cooperation, which will help in obtaining the goals and continue to build their relationships. This would be a process of working through difference to come up with solutions that both are satisfied with. Conflicts between David and James...

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