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Conflict Analysis

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It’s 4am, I have been awakened by my son whom I have fed, changed, and returned him to his slumber. I sit here staring into the darkness and think this is as good a time as any to write my story of conflict. The assignment was to tell of a conflict of an interpersonal relationship that has impacted my life. I can only think of one such relationship.
I was 14 when I met Anthony. I hated him. I hated his arrogance. I hated the way he walked, the way he talked, the way he thought he was better than all of us. In a short year, however, all the things I hated about him became the things I couldn’t resist. We started dating when I was 15. It was a troubled relationship from the start. Almost immediately he began cheating on me. I, of course, was blind to this, as we all are at that age. Shortly after our relationship began he was placed in a mental facility for troubled youths. I stayed by his ...view middle of the document...

Things didn’t stay that way for long, and he began cheating again. Rather than leave, I confronted him. This was when our arguments became physical. I am generally not an aggressive person. I was more of a passive-aggressive type. A manipulator if you will. I knew you could attract more flies with honey. That’s how I would get what I wanted from people that didn’t really matter much to me in the first place. Unless I am being attacked, then I will defend myself at all costs. Anthony was very aggressive with a history of violence. His dominating personality had once attracted me to him. He was definitely the muscle and together we could have taken on the world. Instead we tore each other apart.
I had just turned 19 when it happened. Several things lead up to it but these are minor details that are not important to the assignment. He came to my house with the girl he had been cheating on me with, who was now carrying his child. I asked him if he had anything to say to me. He arrogantly replied “Hi”. I slapped him in his face, to which he pushed me to the ground and spit in mine. I stood up and began punching him. We fought each other for what seemed like hours. At one point I tried to walk away and he burned me with his cigarette. I tried choking him but he ripped my shirt off of me, tore my necklace from me and caused me to lose my grip. He left that night with her.
I never went to the police, as I had started the fight. I would like to say that I never saw him again but that would be untrue. We continued our on again off again spiral of destruction for another year before it was finished. The conflict was never resolved, nor will there ever be a resolution. I know now that was never true love but I wouldn’t go back and change anything. It all happened for a reason. It somehow led me to where I am today.
So now as I finish this story, I will return to my bed where my sleeping husband awaits me. In a few hours our sons will wake up and I will greet the day knowing that my past has impacted me like asteroids on the moon. Just as the moon has craters, I too have scars, and I too shine the brightest through darkness.

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