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Conflict Essay

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In today world’s, most of the company are common to work in a teams. Conflict is defined as disagreement between individuals. Conflict can arise among members within a team or between one team and another. Conflict refers to antagonistic interaction in which one party attempts to block the intentions or goals of another. Competition, which is rivalry among individuals or teams, can have a healthy impact because it energizes people toward higher performance. Whenever people work together in teams, some conflict is inevitable. Bringing conflicts out into the open and effectively resolving them is one of the team leader’s most challenging jobs. Conflict in corporate teams is ...view middle of the document...

Conflict in organizations is not a problem. Well managed conflict contributes to creativity, strategic initiative, more effective systems and communication, stronger workplace relationships and greater commitment to the organization. Organizations shouldn't attempt to prevent conflict, but should instead focus energy on preventing unresolved or destructive conflict. Many people and organizations view conflict as a negative, or something to be avoided. Yet conflict, differences, or disagreements are a natural result of people working together. Also, without conflict, teams can become complacent and not perform at optimum levels. The challenge then becomes, how should the team be prepared for this stage of their existence, and how should the team leader facilitate through it?

Conflict may stem from a variety of causes, and understanding them is the first step in dealing with it effectively. There are a few common reasons will creating conflict between team members, (1)there perceived breach of faith and trust between individuals, (2)unresolved disagreement that has escalated to an emotional level, (3) miscommunication leading to unclear expectations, (4)personality clashes, (5)differences in acquired values, (6)underlying stress and tension, (7)ego problems, (8)combinations of the above.

Some of these can be seen as both cause and result of conflict. How do these things happen? We can see that some of these causes of conflict can be dealt with directly through management and leadership. Others challenge us in different ways. In the workplace, a simple disagreement between team members, if unresolved, may escalate into avoidance, inability to work together, verbal assaults, and resentment. In the worst cases, it may also lead to hostility and eventual separation from the organization. Therefore, it is important that the conflict be resolved as soon as possible.


Conflicting opinions and perspectives of each member occur in every team. Team is important to the company, because team need to accomplish all the task have been given by the top level. Conflict may influence the team outcome and output of the result. So manager need to handle the conflict with some strategy and skill. Besides that, there is some ability to help the manager to handle his team conflict based on the style. Developed specific styles for dealing with conflict, based on the desire to satisfy team member.

First is competing style and it reflect assertiveness to get one’s own way, and should be used quick, decisive action is vital on important issues or unpopular actions, such as during emergencies or urgent cost cutting. Second is avoiding style reflects neither assertiveness nor cooperative. It is appropriate when an issue is trivial, when there is no chance of winning, when a delay to gather more information is needed, or when a disruption would be costly. Third is compromising style – reflects a moderate amount of both sides are equally important,...

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