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Concerts Essay

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Arch Creek as a Concert Venue

JWU student life is something that all of us as students look forward to. It is important for students to be motivated by the events that are created for them. In this case we are planning a concert venue for the students to enjoy, something from all of us to all of us. A concert requires all the people to be happy and enjoying the music which they are listening to. To be able to do this we have to take into ...view middle of the document...

Arch Creek is the soccer field of the school and we have decided to to the concert venue in that space. Something to take into consideration is that the perimeter of arch creek is not entirely squared. The soccer field fits in there but towards the east Arch Creek takes more of a circular figure. The idea is to have the stage on the back (east) close to the shops that are behind. This way the stage will be there, but the sound will be projected towards the parking lot of JWU, which is perfect since the attendees will be looking towards the stage in the east side. The concert venue will be held during the afternoon which makes the sun coming down on the west side. This means that the attendees will receive sun in their backs but will be able to see the concert perfectly. For the bands playing they will have space behind the stage for them to prepare and unpack all their needed instrument cases. The space that they will have allocated will be the part of the field where the field finishes and their is an oval space. To the right of the stage there will be a beverage and food stand where attendees will be able to buy whatever it is necessary for them.

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