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Conceptualizing A Business Essay

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Conceptualizing a Business
When an individual decides to start a business, they should have an idea of what they would want to invest their money into that will in turn make them money. You have to be able to turn a dream into a reality. Starting a business is risky and also time consuming. There is a lot of information that needs to be gathered and adequate to formulate a successful business.
GLAM would be the name of my business. This business is something that I have thought about doing for quite a while but really have had the time to put something on paper just to see how planning this business would turn out. GLAM is a club, but not just any club, but an exclusive club where guest ...view middle of the document...

GLAM is the beginning of a new generation of adult fun and ecstasy. To do this however there has to be many guiding principles and values that will make this club not only a success, but also will gain the respect of our guest and employees, and the public. Here at GLAM we are a family, we are all equal, and everyone has a voice. As a club and family we will grow and transform into the new millennium. These guiding principles will guide our actions and show our responsibilities to our guests, our employees, the public and our stockholders in detail what being a part of GLAM will endure and consist of from all guest members and employees (Cleco Corporation, 2006).
First responsibility to our guest, and we commit to,
• Respectful treatment at all times
• Safe operation
• Excellent service
• Quick response in time of need
• Privacy
• Security
• Commitment
Our responsibility to our employees, and we commit to,
• Safe and clean working environment
• Respect and recognition for employee contribution
• Compensation for services rendered
• Timely promotions when earned
• Equal opportunity
• Opinion matters
• Security
• Commitment
Our responsibility to the public, and we commit to,
• Conducting a respectable club
• Maintain noise level
• Maintain loitering outside club
• Respect environment
Our responsibility to the shareholders, and stockholders to provide,
• A return on their investment
• Compliance with laws and standards, and regulations through ethical...

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