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Concept Of Entreprenuership Essay

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Part One
Cause marketing and corporate social responsibility plans are two gears of contemporary production practices that assure opportunities for companies to do well fiscally by doing well in the general public. While cause-marketing and corporate social responsibility initiatives are essentially dissimilar, they can help assist a business develop or generate new advancements in the workplace, with the employees, and in the market (Charter & Ottoman, 2010). These programs can help perk up the substructure line and facilitate a company to meet the expectations satisfaction prospects of their consumers, human resources, and stakeholders. In the view point of a brand marketing manager, ...view middle of the document...

90% of the retailers thought that companies should achieve their business objectives while trying to enhance humanity and the environment in general. 85% thought that it was upon businesses to support charities and other non profit making organizations with fiscal donations. Moreover, they supported a move for companies to increase their advertising to tell what the companies were doing in the society. Secondly, 75% retailers thought that consumers have cut back on donations by buying cause-marketing products.
In general, more consumers and workers are willing to pay for a cause supporting product. However, analysis shows that most of them do this without knowing due to the pricing. 60% of retailers had perfect knowledge of the cause marketing and had at least made a move to donate fiscally to non-profit organizations and other charity bodies. This meant that cause marketing was popular and was embraced by most business owners. However, only a number of consumers had knowledge on cause products and had not more often than not paid an extra amount of money in buying these products. Consumers have a taste in ensuring that companies go a step further to support charities and other non-profit businesses. This is owing to the fact that a company matching donations would encourage ad make them liable to play a part in a cause-marketing program. When businesses create a cause-marketing scheme that involves a cause-product or donation solicitation, dissimilar approaches yielded different results. This is because consumers have different feelings regarding cause-marketing. In essence, cause marketing is as a result of proper ideology between the consumers and the business stakeholder to foster community development and embracing charity programs. It is common among all other businesses and has been seen by many as a way of enhancing humanity and supporting environment-friendly programs.
Part Two
One of the earliest cause marketing campaigns ever happening in the business world is the partnership that occurred in the 1970s between the March of Dimes and Marriot Corporation. The main of the former was to create highly cost-effective public relations and media coverage for the opening of a new entertainment center. The company was to increase fundraising while o the other hand motivating the collection of pledges following the company’s deadline. The advertising was done concurrently all over the western parts of America. It is renowned that it surpassed all aims to become the most successful promotion in history. Another pronounced cause marketing program was by Rosica, Mulhern and Associates. It was literally renowned for the great support it created and enhanced in the nation. It enhanced and expanded many literacy programs.
In time, it was followed closely by American Express which fostered a number of campaign programs to donate funds to a large number of non-profit making organizations (in the San Francisco Arts Festival). The goals were...

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