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Concept Analysis Of Responsibility

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Concept Analysis of Responsibility
Nina Case, RN
Kaplan University

Responsibility means many things to many different people. It means one thing to a nurse, something different to a business man, and again something else to a parent. Responsibility to Charles Osgood in “The Responsibility Poem” means a job (Osgood. 2012). “Somebody should have done the job. And Everybody should have, but in the end Nobody did what Anybody could have” (Osgood.2012).
Corporate responsibility, according to Business News Daily, is when a company does what is best for society (B.N.D. 2015). There are three types of corporate responsibility: Environment – reducing damage to benefit the ...view middle of the document...

2003). To have civic responsibility means to belong or relate. We all have a civic duty to vote for leaders of our community, state, or country. This is important to ensure that all citizens are treated fairly and have the necessary elements to survive.
We also have primary responsibility. In this situation one is in charge of beginning and ensuring the completion of a task (Northwestern University. 2015). This role is also held responsible if the task is not completed correctly or on time. Delegation is a big responsibility for the person with primary responsibility.
Oversight responsibility is in charge of monitoring a group or team. For example, in the Alameda, CA School system the county superintendent is responsible for this job (ACOE. 2015). According to ACOE, “the county superintendent is the mediator for the state and the school, and is in charge of the county offices of the school systems and their financial stability” (AMOE. 2015).
Patient responsibilities encompasses participating in ones’ own health and treatments (Hospital for Special Surgery. 2015). You, as the patient, are responsible for asking questions, getting second opinions, and giving your doctor as much information about you as possible. For example, if you use illegal substances, do not lie about it to your doctor. He/she may give you something that will severely interact with whatever...

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