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Comunication Essay

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Hypertension complicates up to 15% of pregnancies, with pre-eclampsia affecting 2–3%. Pre-eclampsia is defined as a multisystem disorder characterised by raised blood pressure and proteinuria. Pre-eclampsia is a condition in pregnancy involving high blood pressure and protein in the urine. Most women with mild pre-eclampsia give birth without problems. However, severe pre-eclampsia can cause major problems with the functioning of the liver, kidneys and blood clotting. These symptoms are late manifestations of a disease process that is initiated in early pregnancy and is the major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity (MORLEY 2004)
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No results were found in this search. However a suggestion was made to search for pre-eclampia management, this found 1929 articles. When the exclusions of within the last 5 years, only relevant articles relating humans and only clinical trials were added this reduced the search to 10, of which 1 was appropriate to the question.
Again using the same search engine “pre-eclamp* and Anti-platelet prohibitors” was carried out, no items were found.
“Pre-eclampsia prevention and aspirin” was searched and came up with 339. When limitation of within the last 5 years for the human species was added and that only randomized controlled trials were added it left on 3 articles of which one had already been selected and the other 2 were not relevant to the question and had already been dismissed in the last search.
“Low dose aspirin” was entered as a phase with “prevent pre- eclampsia” which gave 9 results, with limitation of 5 years and human species already applied. Of which 2 papers seemed to match perfectly however full access to the paper could not be obtained.
To find the final paper needed a search was carried out in the Cochrane library using pre-eclamp* AND aspirin, this retrieved 676695 items. Limiters were added to allow only clinical trials which reduced the number to 99 and from this only 2 were suitable and allowed free access to the online resources.
A combination of these searches gave the relevant 4 papers used.

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Barbados low dose aspirin in pregnancy (BLASP): a randomised trial for the prevention of pre-eclampsia and its complications.

All women attending ante natal clinic between 12 and 32 weeks of gestation without complication were eligible therefore in total 3647 women.

Randomised placebo-controlled trail. Approved by the national ethics committee of Barbados.

Focus of research
A randomised trial for the prevention of pre-eclampsia and its complications. To establish if the introduction of aspirin can prevent such complications

The trail did not support the widespread use of aspirin for the prevention of pre-eclampsia and its related complication.

Approved by the ethics committee of Barbados
Computer generated randomised allocation was used to put women into the aspirin or placebo groups.
All participants were given information leaflet on the study (literacy rates are over 98% in Barbados)

Not all eligible women agreed to take part in the study. 42 women were disqualified from the study due to error by the organisers. 8 woman in the study were found out not to be pregnant

Aspirin (100mg) used for the prevention of pre-eclampsia in nulliparous woman; the Essai Reional Aspirine Mere-Enfant study

3294 nulliparous woman recruited between 14 and 20 weeks gestation from 28 centres across Northern France and one additional centre in Belgium.

Multicentre randomised double-blind placebo...

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