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Computers And Technology Essay

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The CIPD’s Shaping the Future and Next Generation
HR flagship projects have both explored the
important issues of sustainability. Shaping the Future
in particular warns against the dangers of ‘talent
tunnel vision’ taking a short-sighted view on talent
strategies which are solely focused on the needs of
the here and now.
Often organisations pay too little attention to
identifying and developing the capabilities that
individuals will need in the long term. This implies a
leadership/talent management capability gap with
too much focus on the operational needs of today
rather than the organisational imperatives
of tomorrow.
It’s never too late ...view middle of the document...

Hold forecasting sessions which look at
macro and micro trends, how these will impact your
way of working and the changes that will be required
for future success.
Build your talent and succession pipeline
You also need to be proactively building up your
talent pipelines (horizontally and vertically), so that
you are developing people with future-fit skills and
capabilities. A silver lining from the current economic
climate is that more organisations are focusing on
developing internal talent and fully utilising the
skills of their existing workforce. Fresh talent is
still important but recruitment strategies should
complement internal pipelines.
Maintain a continuous focus on capabilitybuilding

Capability-building should be part of a continuous
process, embedded into policies and practices. Across
our case study organisations, managers talked about the
need to embed development and skills training as part
of business as usual, rather than as a one-off activity.
Develop a creative approach to skills and
capability development
Even when budgets are tight, it is essential that
staff get the development they need to ensure they
have the capabilities for their current job role, as well
as starting to build those that the organisation will
need in the future. Our case study organisations were
focusing strongly on knowledge-sharing, enabling
people to learn from others across the organisation.
Many of you are already considering alternative

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