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Computer Solution Case Study

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Computer Solutions Strategic Case

When Marissa and Tran began Computer Solutions, it was an instant success. Although, Tran was the technical expert and Marissa was successful with finding and maintaining customers, they both agreed to split responsibilities 50-50. Computer Solutions enjoyed double-digit growth each year, therefore they hired 16 additional employees to assist provide services and product to their existing and growing customer base. Over the last few years, both Tran and Marissa have begun to disagree about the partnership and not effectively communicate with each other or their employees. Therefore, conflicts were not resolved causing additional tension and strain on ...view middle of the document...

Instead, they should have created a plan that detailed their roles and duties within the company. An additional highly ambiguous message that Marissa has stated, “All the business meals, travel, and trade shows aren’t fun. I’d much rather stay near home and live a normal life” (Adler and Elmhorst, 2010, p.66). To Tran this is an ambiguous statement, as he sits in an office all day working twelve-hour days with minimal social interaction. He sees this statement as unclear, as Marissa has glamorized working with customers. Tran would welcome or enjoy the opportunity to travel, discuss their products and services over dinner with potential customers. Instead Marissa, could have used discussed how she has to overcome objections, ensure her potential customers that their account will be a top priority to Computer Solutions, all while staying calm through long events and dinners.
Aside from verbal communication problems, Computer Solutions also has nonverbal communication issues. “Nonverbal communication involves messages expressed by other than linguistic means“ (Adler and Elmhorst, 2010, p.103). Nonverbal messages can be sent to others through ones appearance, facial expressions, and gestures. Carlo, a chief engineer, uses harassing verbal and nonverbal communication with his subordinates. This communication has allowed for a hostile work environment for female employees as he shares explicit jokes and gives female workers long gazes or stares. To alleviate the situation there are numerous formal and informal options available to female employees. Carlo’s subordinates could have a face to face discussion with him, write a letter about the harassment telling him to stop, or to ask a third party to intervene. If the harassment does not stop, then I would recommend filing a

formal legal complaint.
To build positive relationships...

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