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Computer Shopper

The computers and note book I found were really exactly for the professions I was looking for. The four professions I chose were engineer, teacher, graphic designer and also a lawyer and separated on which one will get the desk top and which one will get the laptops based on their job and the requirement needs. I went to Best buy and asked them to help me find two desktops and also two laptops based on the professions they are needed for. First desk top I got was the Lenovo k45e desk top it has 8GB of ram as well as 2GB of ram for graphics and the 2 GB ram is separate from the 8 which makes it total of 10 GB of ram; it has an Intel I5 processor with the speed of 3.2GHZ and hard disk capacity of 1TB. The second desktop I got was the ACEs M11BB07 desktop which has 8GB of ram and 1TB of hard disk capacity and also an AMD A10 processor with the speed of 3.7GHZ. The laptops I ...view middle of the document...

2GHz speed in the processor which is pretty fast for any type of engineering work and it also had 1TB of hard disk capacity. The reason I chose him a desktop because he would probably want it inside his office to do his work and his blue prints on. The teacher, I got him the ACEs M11BB07 which has 8gb of ram and 1TB of hard disk capacity and an AMD A10 processor with the speed of 3.7GHZ really fast desk top and for a teacher he will be getting his power point Microsoft word and Excel from the school so he would not need a computer other than sending emails and viewing homework something with speed that won’t lag with a lot of emails and attachments sent to him.
The graphic designer I got him a laptop, because he is always going to be moving from a location to another and a laptop is something portable he could take with him anywhere her goes. The laptop I chose for him was the ACEs G75 which has an 8GB ram and 1TB of hard drive capacity which is the same as the laptops, it also has a 17inch screen which can show him a lot of his work and also an I7 quad core processor which is so fast especially on a laptop he would never have any difficulties doing a lot of work. The last notebook I got was a windows surface pro 3 tablet for the lawyer and the reason I got this for the lawyer, because he’s always going from a court to another and the office to court and he moves around a lot and he needed something so light that could also be good for him to complete his work the tablet has 4gb of ram which is a lot and a flash memory instead of hard drive, and he could expand the memory by adding a USB drive and it runs on a 1.9GHZ processor which has turbo, in case he needed it to speed up it speeds up and slows down which makes it energy efficient. These four computer systems are what fit the jobs the best due to searching the type of jobs they do and I believe they would be happy with the choices I gave them.

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