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Computer Science Technician Essay

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Business-IT alignment is one of the modern and popular management concepts in industry. It refers to the consistency between the business and IT strategies. To align It with business, the basic challenge is to relate the business goals with the latest trends in technology. The company should have clear business goals and enables to implement IT system to achieve these goals. Any Business-IT alignment model should have the capability to optimize the goals regularly and provide optimize returns to the business from IT investment. Every IT activity should have the ability to increase the business value.
The main function of the alignment is to build relationship between the activities perform by management of ...view middle of the document...

Achievement of alignment could be achieved with the maximization of enablers and minimization of inhibitors. The main function of B/I alignment is to evaluate activities properly and helps the organization to know where the organization is, and what should be done to improve.
Jerry Luftman (2000) and Luftman & Brier (1999) give name to this process known as Strategic Alignment Maturity. This process includes six following steps “Set the goals and establish a team, understand the business-IT linkage, analyze and prioritize gaps, specify the actions (Project management), choose and evaluate success criteria, Sustain alignment” In addition Luftman (2000) in The Journal of Applied Business Research – May/June 2013(vol. 29, Nov 3 page 822) said that how we can use SAM to optimize our business goals and integrate the business activities with IT for better performance. Moderating factors of SAM model will affect the system quality, service quality and information quality produced by the system. With the help of this model, we will able to achieve the business goals by aligning the business and IT together.
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