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Sometimes is it easy to forget about the importance of revision, especially when you’re writing to the deadline. For our discussion this week, we read Rachel Toor’s essay, “Not My Type.” Toor doesn’t really get into the idea of allowing for time and space between drafts, but she does discuss how much better her work is when she can approach it as an outsider (Toor, 2012). Take a look at the Narrative essay you submitted in week four. Read through it and find a few things you could have done better. In at least 150 words, discuss those changes. While you can mention it, try to look deeper than any formatting or grammar issues you may have had. Look at the way you organized your essay, how you tied everything together, even at your word choice. Could you have benefitted from writing your ...view middle of the document...

Also rushing the essay instead of being able to take my time was an issue also. Writing about an older event is kind of hard because things get fuzzy after years of not thinking about the event that happen. Once you start thinking about it comes in a flood and it’s sometimes hard to organize it in your head.
Revision Plan
Now that you’ve had the chance to reexamine your Narrative essay, take a deeper look at your Persuasive rough draft in the same way. Think about how you could have made your argument stronger, more relatable to your audience, and so on. Read through the comments from your instructor and think about how you will address those issues, but try to go even deeper. Write down your plans for revising your Persuasive essay for next week. What will you change, and how will those changes benefit the reception of your work? You should write a minimum of 150 words about how you plan to revise.
First I’m going to fix the citing issues in my Persuasive essay, to site the websites that I got my information from. Then start to make sure that my essay is formatted in APA and has a cover page. Also I’m going to add a quote in the thesis statement to pull in my reader. I want to add some more facts into the essay instead of kind of vague ones that don’t explain everything that is being said. That being said I also need to proofread for grammar. Next I’ll have to find out why I have some many spacing issues in my essay, I’m hoping it’s just something easy with Microsoft word. The two big things for me would be that I need more concrete facts or evidence on my stand within my paragraphs. I can’t really add any personal information to this topic because I don’t smoke either of them because I have asthma. I could talk to some friends of mine though.

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