Computer Management System Essay

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This outline will help you organize your science fair proposal. Use the attached report as an example. You will use this outline to write your proposal in paragraph form.

|1. |TITLE: Write a sentence that connects the independent and dependent variables of the investigation. Example: The effect of (independent variable) |
| |on the (dependent variable). ...view middle of the document...

|What do you predict will happen? (Hypothesis) |
| | |
|3. |Background information. List background facts/information that you have gathered about your problem from at least three different sources. |
| | |

|4. |Experimental Design Diagram. |
|a. |Write the independent variable (what you change) (IV) across the top of the rectangle. |
|b. |Divide the rectangle into labeled columns to represent the different levels of the independent variable. |
|c. |Write the number of trials in each column. |
|d. |Write the dependent variable (what you measure/observe) (DV) , constants, and control beneath the rectangle. |

|IV: |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
| |
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