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Computer Information System Brief Essay

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Computer Information System Brief

University of Phoenix
Accounting Information Systems
ACC 542

Jan 28, 2012

Computer Information System Brief
Kudler Fine Foods a premier gourmet grocery store is considering the best methods to integrate technology into its business operations. Kudler currently has three store locations in southern California and is considering adding a fourth store in Carlsbad (Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, 2011). Currently the organization uses Microsoft Retail Enterprise Management System (REMS), Quick Books, and Microsoft Excel for their software needs and has a system of microcomputers and server at each store. This brief will discuss an analysis of ...view middle of the document...

Using REMS as a point-of-sale system Kudler meets their unique requirements and allows the organization “…to drive retail across channels, locally or globally, with technology and features that connect, empower, and offer the needed insight for proactive execution” (Microsoft Dynamics ERP: United States, 2012, para. 2). The current accounting system working across different software platforms entails the completion of certain accounting functions by manually re-inputting data, which is inefficient and prone to errors.
The current system is simple and easy for the employees to implement. The hardware needed in each store consists of a series of microcomputers, one of which works as a server, which is low in cost and needs less sophisticated IT support. The system in each store is not connected to the Internet for customer interaction that minimizes the possibility of external hacking. Microsoft REMS point-of-sale software is an extremely flexible and gives employees relevant information “…to make the most of face-to-face time with customers” (Microsoft Dynamics ERP: United States, 2012, para. 4).
Currently there is no way to integrate the business operations from all locations. Each location’s hardware system is set up to function as three separate networks and access to the Internet is only available through a 56k modem. Based on the Kudler network diagrams for each store there does not seem to be an integrated backup system in place or procedures in place for recurring backups or recovery in case of a system crash. Errors in the integrity of accounting and finance data and transactions are increased by the manual re-inputting of information from the point-of-sale system and excel spreadsheets into the general ledger. The organization is not currently taking advantage of all the functionality of the point-of-sale software.
Time sheets are filled out manually by employees and entered into Quick Books to complete payroll leading to poor internal controls and manipulation (Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization, 2011). A firewall or other system does not seem to be in place to protect proprietary information from spyware or virus attacks. Reports from each store for sales and human resources are not centrally located and therefore not easily accessible to management for effective decision-making.
Kudler Fine Foods has a variety of opportunities available to improve and increase their technology and software efficiencies and become a competitive organization. Microsoft REMS will allow the company to expand seamlessly into a full service website and “…offers one powerful, agile, and simple solution that connects retail enterprises from end to end, helping to drive growth and foster customer relationships” (Microsoft Dynamics ERP: United States, 2012, para. 7). The Kudler Strategic Plan is considering implementing a preferred customer rewards program and...

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